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Meinrad STOECKLI, here in Schweiz



Beacon Learning tree, BLT, is a company that is providing financial freedom for many people, just like you, from around the world... that's right... whether you're a master marketer or absolute novice, you are going to make money... you're going to make a lot of it... and you're going to receive your money fast!!!

Earn up to $19,800 just for using our products!

BLT only started 17th. Until today more than 5000 people have joined BLT 

Beacon Learning Tree, BLT is one of the family of Beacon businesses, which includes the new BeaconPay system. BeaconPay is how we will pay in and be paid from (more on that later).

The products offered thru BLT, are e-learning in nature; hundreds of interactive online tutorials of computer programs, ranging from the simplest to the most highly technical, from personal to business applications. The basic $149 package (Silver) contains 309 courses. There are 4 different $447 (Gold tripack) packages. We can purchase anywhere from 1 Silver (1 position in the matrix) to 4 Gold packages (12 positions in the matrix).

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The comp plan is as follows. It consists of:

Fast Start Bonuses (for personal sponsorships)
Free additional positions, which pay full cycling payments
Production bonuses (for achieving certain group sizes)
An opportunity that can be shared WORLD WIDE
4 unique and dynamic income streams

1) Cycling payments
The matrix design is a company-wide force-filled 2 x infinity, like GMT or FNI. It fills top-down and left-to-right, with every new unit falling in the next available space. As it fills, it will create row after row of depth ( 2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-1024.....) As thousands upon thousands of units are purchased, it will create a 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 2x5, etc under YOU. We have seen this happen to the tune of 1/2 million in GMT. Obviously, being in the top rows of the master unimatrix gives us a supreme advantage of timing and positioning as it relates to the speed of cycling.

Each $447 package (Gold), you purchase collects on 6 cycles, paying as follows per gold:


Cycle 1: 2x2 (4) units under you pays $165
Cycle 2: 2x3 (8) units under you pays $495
Cycle 3: 2x4 (16) units under you pays $1155
Cycle 4: 2x5 (32) units under you pays $2475
Cycle 5: 2x6 (64) units under you pays $5115
Cycle 6: 2x7 (128) units under you pays $10395


Total payout 6 cycles for a Gold package, $447 Purchase: US$19,800
A $149 package (Silver) pays 1/3 of the above figures.

No sponsoring required for cycle bonuses. This is the now-famous "Everyone Gets Paid" selling point for the passive paricipants, which allows the heavy recruiters to do extremely well based on production bonuses. With the addition of fast start bonuses (NEW to this kind of comp plan), we can do VERY well, very quickly. No stated time frame on when cycles may happen but, obviously, the earlier one is in, the better.

2) Fast Start Bonuses
Sell a Silver package = $25 fast start bonus
Sell a Gold package = $75 fast start bonus.

So, for every 6 units you sell, you immediately cover your out-of-pocket on 1 unit for yourself. Sell 6 Gold packages and you get back enough for 1 Gold package, etc.

3) Free additional units (positions)
For every 3 units sold (3 silver) you receive a FREE position in the matrix, from which you earn all 6 cycles.
This is in addition to the fast starts. Do the math. This is HUGE.

4) Production Bonuses:
18 units sold
= $3 until the next person with 18 in your downline
36 units sold = another $3 until the next person with 36 in your downline
36 personal units + total of 100 in a 3 level downline = another $3 until the next person with 36-100 in your downline 5 legs under you (not necessarily frontliners) with 36 and 100 makes you a "top doggy" for an additional $3 production bonus.

By building a large group which continues to grow exponentially, these overrides are where the guys in GMT are making 10's of thousands of $$ per month.

Just click on my web site:

Now, about BeaconPay:
This system uses a FREE debit card.

The first part of the process at my website will take you to BeaconPay Systems. There, you will instantly establish a free, virtual, online bank account. The debit card will be shipped immediately and take just a few days to arrive at your door. Meanwhile, your account will be active immediately upon creation.

NB: people OUTSIDE US : use US state: HAWAII and your Country
(there seems to problems for in the form for NON-US, you can change later)

The first thing to do is FUND your account. This can be done by credit card, online check, or egold at the moment. Soon, there will be options including e-bullion, Western Union QuickPay, and (finally) Money Grams (which can be created at WalMarts, the Post Office, etc). If you are thinking of buying more than 1 gold, consider using 2 or more creditcards (at the time I'm writing this, we need to be verified for purchases more than 500$ per creditcard, not sure how and how long the verification takes). Just have several credit cards ready, if you want more than 1 gold.

Once your account is funded, you make the payment into Beacon Learning Tree. All this happens in a matter of minutes and completes the signup process. You will then have your own BLT URL to forward to YOUR personals for them to signup.

Now, we also get PAID through BeaconPay.

All Fast Start bonuses will be paid DAILY on to your BeaconPay debit card (although there will be a 2-3 day delay at the very beginning). Cycling monies will initially be paid weekly, as they are completed, and later will be paid daily, as they are completed, on your debit card. Production bonuses will be paid on your debit card on the 10th and 25th of every month.

Your BeaconPay debit card will access monies through the vast majority of ATMs around the planet. It will also perform all the functions you could ask for, including card-to-card transfers, transfers to your bank account, point-of-purchase swipeablity, etc. It is a non-branded, ANONYMOUS card that is used in conjunction with your own PIN. As such, no Social Security # is required.

It looks as though we are sitting on a little goldmine! I understand that a sizable 6-figure budget went into creating this, so it is not some kitchen table creation.

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Don't wait on this - guarantee your Priority Placement by acting now!

email me if you have any questions
Take care, Best Regards.

Phone: +41-79-4364482


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